Our Story

I leave the N2 and turn right. The gravel road is sign-posted “Moordenaarskaroo” (Murderers’ Karoo). Looking through the car window I see an arid landscape stretching to the horizon. Here and there one sees a small, green shrub. The rest is just brown and dusty.

In my mind’s eye I see a farmer dancing joyfully in the rain; his children shout as they come pouring out of the house and excitedly splash about in the small pools. Their smiles are worth a thousand words.

Outside the farmhouse I see his wife, Annie. There are tears in her eyes as she surveys the scene before her. How often had they not prayed for rain such as this? “By the grace of God, our suffering will be relieved!” she whispers to herself as she wipes the raindrops from her face with a corner of her apron. She turns around purposefully. There are aniseed rusks to be taken from the oven and packed for delivery in the town!

During the seven-year drought Annie had supported her husband by baking rusks, and making fig preserve and apricot jam. This had helped to see them through the difficult times. Children’s clothes could be made and the medical aid paid. 

The drone of the car engine brings me back to the present. I think back nostalgically to the days of thick slices of homemade bread, hot from the oven, plastered with farm butter and topped with a piece of fig preserve and cheese.

It was during this journey that the idea of the dorpskardoes (literally, the village brown paper bag) was born. What we would like to do, is to put together for you the best that our small towns and villages have to offer in a kardoes: the stories around the history of these communities, and the people who still give meaning and purpose to them.

This is our modest contribution to ensure that these precious little jewels of yesteryear will keep sparkling for a long time to come, and that we can support these communities economically so that they remain part of our yesterday, today and tomorrow for many more years.

We want to encourage you to support these small communities in this way. We hope that you will enjoy each kardoes with the same enthusiasm with which we prepared and put it together.


Our products on our platform must be original and genuine.

In South Africa, preservation of our heritage is literally part of our history. Conservation of our natural heritage is therefore such a part of today’s South African as braaivleis and potjiekos. We must guard against the negative impact that the loss of our indigenous nature treasures will have on our heritage.

We would like to congratulate all persons on our platform for their achievements and also show our gratitude to those who support us.

Is humane, however, that everyone makes mistakes or that a product sometimes does not meet the expectations. We want to create a space to be able to fix this and restore the relationship with our online community.

Integrity is honesty, transparency and justice. Integrity is knowing what the right thing is to do and do it. Let’s make it practical. You buy something from a store and they give you too much small money. You see how that happens. Do you keep quiet, walking away and yet are too grateful for the happiness that struck you? Or are you giving back the money? Integrity is when your character emerges even where no one sees you.

We would like to create and support pioneers. We want to give exposure to people with new ideas and products.

Regarding nature, this means that we need to be sensitive to the ecological footprint that leaves our activities and facilities on the environment. Sustainability also means that the impact of activities on people, society and the economy must be taken into account.


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