In my travels through the countryside, I could never resist the temptation to turn down to the small towns. I wanted to inhale the air and taste the smell of villages from Aberdeen in the Karoo to Clarens in the Eastern Free State. In most cases, I could also see that the beautiful church buildings were central to the early social development of the communities.   The establishment of villages in South Africa originated most of the time near fountains, rivers and dams. Shortly after the farmers proclaimed the village, the plans for a church would be tabled and soon also built. In most cases it was a Dutch reformed church, probably the largest or most impressive building in most of our rural towns today.

In most cases, the church was stood down a square in the center of town that emphasized the dominance of the surrounding buildings. Only a few mother congregations today still worship in their original church, because in most cases the first church was captured by a second and even a third. In some cases, it was because the first church became too small for the growing congregation; in other cases, the old church was not fancy enough for a congregation that had become affluent; in more cases, the old church became in ruin or dangerous, and the congregation foreseen the cost of restoration and instead erected a new building.

The church in our logo of my My Dorpsmense is symbolic to the discovery and establishment of town markets. We would like to bring the DNA of every village to the people of South Africa. Capturing the best products and stories and taking everyone on an amazing journey to yesterday, today and tomorrow.



Below, you will see a collection of church photos thoughout South Africa.  Please share your photos with us, especially of the villages we don’t have a photo of their church yet.  Also, please remember to add the town name and maybe a short description with.  We can then add them to our page.  Thank you!



May we always look back at where we come from, as that will give us the direction of where to go from here.

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